Bray & Scarff Alexandria, VA Before Pictures

Bray & Scarff is an Appliance & Kitchen Specialist in the retail sector. They have about 16 locations in the Washington DC and Baltimore MD metropolitan area. We have done many signs for them at multiple locations but in this case study we’d like to highlight their project requirement for the Alexandria, VA location at 6733 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA 22306.

This project required a total building face lift including:

  • Removal of existing awning and channel letters
  • Awning replacement with light fixtures
  • Channel Letters replacement
  • Window Graphics replacement
  • Building Painting
  • Indoor Illuminated cabinet sign
Why DMS Sign Connection is the best company for the job?

We loved this project because it highlights the breadth of services we offer. 

Our typical workflow includes a phone call from our customer, our sales team exercises their 5-star customer service to learn about the requirements. We survey the location to make sure we’re using accurate information.

A detailed quote is sent to the customer for review. There may be changes to the scope of work at this point. When a price quote is approved we send it to our graphics department with a combined 4 decades of graphic design experience. The client concepts are rendered on a design proof that often includes multiple options to choose from.

Once the design is approved it’s parsed and sent to the fabrication department which in turn has many sub departments such as cutting, routing, metal fabrication, electrical and assembly. When a sign is ready for painting it goes to our paint booth. Later on graphics are applied when needed.

Products pass a quality control and are packaged for transit. The install team makes sure the signs are installed according to spec. In the end we have a very satisfied customer.

Removal of existing signs

We have a 85-ft crane and multiple bucket trucks, we can remove them as well as we install them. A lot of times growing or expanding a business requires moving a sign to a new location or removing to open space for the new one.

Awning Installation

No two awnings are ever the same. Awnings are a great architectural feature on a building and present extra opportunities to display your brand with vinyl graphics on the awning. We survey, design, manufacture and install awning in the Alexandria VA area.

Bray & Scarff New awning at the Alexandria, VA location

Bray & Scarff New awning at the Alexandria, VA location

Channel Letters with Custom Raceway

This is one of the cleanest looks you’ll see on channel letters on raceway. This allowed for a suspended look that added extra depth to the sign. Take a closer look and see the Y cuts into the raceway. Pretty cool eh!

Window Graphics

Little known secret here is that there’s an actual wall behind the window with graphics. The retail storefront graphics serve a dual purpose: great advertising opportunity and they conceal the wall behind the glass.

Does DMS Signs do on-site painting?

Bray & Scarff New Channel Letters at the Alexandria, VA location

Bray & Scarff New Channel Letters at the Alexandria, VA location

Well, yes! Our install team is so awesome that they also from time to time have to pull out their rollers and brushes and do some painting as part of a building façade refurbishment or pylon sign or monument sign retrofit. As always they did a great job here.

Indoor Illuminated Thin Profile Cabinet with Push-thru Graphics

You can see how this sign portrays well the high quality service and professionalism offered by Bray & Scarff. The color combination and lighting are equally attractive and easy on the eyes all the while directing customers to the right store department.