DMS provides surveys for existing and prospective customers.  The old adage “measure twice and cut once” could not be truer than in the sign business.  The survey is the first step in being able to provide our customers with the proper sign for their location.  Surveys can range from the basic photo surveys to provide photos for producing renderings of future signage ideas, to more in depth surveys capturing detailed measurements, site plan placement of free-standing signs, and advice on the location of interior signage.

Surveys are performed for three types of clients:

  1. Local Customers:  For local customers we provide in-house service in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Washington DC.
  2. Non Local Customers:  For customers located outside of our geographic area we rely on our vast network of sign partners located throughout the United States.
  3. National Account Customers:  DMS provides surveys in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Washington DC for other national sign companies whose customers are located in our geographic area of the country.  We work with a large network of national sign companies who rely on DMS to provide surveys for their customers who have locations in our area.  We represent ourselves as the local agent for our sign company partners, and always provide the same level of service we would provide to our direct customers.