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Why is DMS Sign Connection the best sign company in the Mid-Atlantic?

Because we have very knowledgeable and attentive sales and management teams. We make everything in house. We own multiple cranes, bucket trucks and service trucks. Most employees have been with the company for decades and bring all the expertise to work for you. On top of all of these advantages the business is personally run by the owners Maura and John Kelly, you can talk directly with them. Their info is here.

Our typical workflow includes a phone call or message from our customer, our sales team exercises their 5-star customer service skills to learn about the requirements. We survey the location to make sure we’re using accurate information.

A detailed quote is sent to the customer for review. There may be changes to the scope of work at this point. When a price quote is approved we send it to our graphics department with a combined 4 decades of graphic design experience. The client concepts are rendered on a design proof that often includes multiple options to choose from.

Once the design is approved it’s parsed and sent to the various fabrication departments such as cutting, routing, metal fabrication, electrical and assembly. When a sign is ready for painting it goes to our paint booth. Later on, graphics are applied when needed.

Products pass a quality control check and are packaged for transit. The install team makes sure the signs are installed according to spec. In the end we have a very satisfied customer. Check out our Testimonials page and see our extensive Sign Picture Gallery for samples of our work.

What are DMS Sign Connection Hours?

We’re open Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Outside these ours by appt. only.

What are freight receiving hours at DMS Sign connection?

We only receive freight shipments from 7am ’til 2pm. Please call (301) 831-7530 to coordinate delivery.

What type of artwork is acceptable for making my signs?

We are asked this question so much and we still don’t have a clear simple answer to it but here’s our best shot. You may just go ahead and forward this message to your graphics department.

We need scaled clean vector artwork with correct color information or a high resolution bitmap raster image at no less than 100 dpi at full size.

What does all this mean? Read below.

“Scaled” means the graphics have the right proportions. It doesn’t have to be full size but when blown up to full size the width and the height have to match the specifications without condensing or stretching.

“Clean” means that there are no overlines or underlying unnecessary graphics/objects. Special effects have been flatten and text has been converted to paths (AI term) or curves (CorelDraw term). The vector artwork can be easily ungrouped and manipulated. Objects should be closed paths.

“Vector” means that graphics are points, lines and curves that can be scaled with no loss of quality. Typical vector based file types are AI, EPS, PDF and SVG. The counterpart to vector graphics is pixel based graphics such as jpg, png, gif, photoshop and bmp files. Beware that all vector files can encapsulate a pixel base image inside and this would still not be suitable for production. The key here is that the graphics must be points, lines and curves not pixels.

“Correct Color Information” means that the file includes the color scheme approved by the customer. We prefer is a customer provides a Brand Guideline that specifies PMS colors but we’ll work with CMYK and RBG colors as well as colors from any major paint brand available such as Sherwin Williams, Matthews Paint, Behr, PPG, etc. We would, on occasion, provide a printed color sample for the customer approval.

Alternatively a High Resolution Raster (Pixel Based) image may be provided.

I’m never a fan of ambiguous terms such as ‘high’. Remember when 1024 pixels was considered a high resolution? Anyway here’s what high means for us.

When we send the image to the printer at full size we prefer the image to print at 100 dots per inch (DPI). Example: If we are to print a 24″ x 36″ image, and the file provided is a (pixel based) jpg, we prefer that the image has at least the resolution of 2400 x 3600 pixels. As you can see this is equal to 100 pixels per inch. 24″ x 100 dpi = 2400 and 36″ x 100 dpi = 3600.

For large graphics such as large format banners, billboards and carwraps where the typical viewing distance is many feet away, less DPI is required. We’ll help you figure this out in case by case basis.


Can I install the signs myself?

Can I change or install the signs myself? Is a question we don’t hear too often as we deal with high in the air pylon signs and building signs most of the times.

If you’re a sign company and looking to buy wholesale then the answer is yes. We’ll manufacture, package and ship signs for you.

If you’re a business owner of manager read this: While we love to do the work for you, sometimes it’s just a convenience for the customer to have the option. We provide varios methods of installation that make changing or updating signs a task that anyone with basic hardware knowledge can do.

We can use standoffs to facilitate the removal, change and re-installation process. We have also used magnetic or permanent but removable types of adhesives. It all depends on the need and willingness of an end-user to do the work. We do not recommend trying to install any products that involve electrical work and/or that require the service of professional tradesmen unless you’re one yourself.

But yes, we offer many user-friendly options to either help you save money or time when a sign replacement is needed. Just let us know and we’ll work with you to figure out if this is the right choice for you.

Can DMS Sign Connection Design A Logo For My Company?

The short answer is yes, but read below to learn what we can do for you.

In a lot of cases we end up digitizing old logos or artwork that only exist in physical form. A clean digital vector file is preferred. There’s some graphic design time built in with paid work orders. We will be able to recreate simple logos and we may even design a new simple logo that includes one pictogram and some lines of text. In addition we can also digitize more complicated designs and we can even create a complete branding solution but extra charges may apply. Send us a request and we’ll gladly tell you if your logo idea can be designed for free and/or what extra design fees apply.

Can I keep my existing sign and just replace the sign face?

This is a question of whether the sign still has enough structural integrity to withstand the normal tear and wear expected of it.
If your sign has swappable faces or inserts then the answer is a quick yes!
Many, if not most sign systems are designed so that the inserts or sign faces are easily replaced or resurfaced by a new one. Not all systems are created equal and we’ll have to do a site survey if we can’t determine the strength of the current sign by just looking at pictures. You can send John multiple pictures of different angles of your current sign and he’ll help you determine how to move forward.

Does DMS Signs offer other construction and fabrication services?

Yes! We pride in providing turnkey solutions to our customers. We do construction work related to sign making and installation such as metal fabrication for enclosures and concrete foundations. In addition we also do other work that’s not always related to sign making in an effort to provide a one-stop turnkey solution to you. We also do on-site painting, electrical rewiring, and on occasion we build other structures such as soffit covers and roofs.

Does DMS signs offer emergency electrical sign service?

We are often able to provide service within 24-48 hours. Give us a call right now  at (301) 831-7530 and we’ll tell you our current service times.

If this is after hours, use the contact form below, be sure to give us your phone number and we’ll call you on the early hours of the following business day.

Can DMS signs make a mounting template for my sign?

Yes. If you are a marketing firm or third party sign manufacturer hiring us to do installs for you and the template was somehow not included with the product just sent us a vector file and we’ll print it out.

If you a client that needs a sign relocated or has letters that need to be re-installed but there’s no mounting template the answer is also YES. We are able to re-create a mounting template from the physical letters but we can’t do it on site. We’ll bring the letters to our shop to make the template and come back at a later day to re-install

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