We worked with a general contractor to deliver this complete monument sign retrofit in Randallstown HS located on 4000 Offutt Rd, Randallstown MD.

Randallstown HS was in dire need of a school monument sign retrofit, the old one wasn’t looking too good. DMS signs prepared a proposal and after winning the bid we surveyed the sign, then we designed, manufactured and installed all components to make the new sign and it now looks like this.

This project involved stripping the entrance fixture down to the brick columns.

We had to rewire the sign, we manufactured and installed a new roof in addition to making new durable sign faces.

We often work with general contractors to deliver solutions in the education field. We also work well with facilities managers in local schools and colleges that need comprehensive sign solutions. One major advantage of working with DMS Signs is that we also do other construction work when required to deliver a turnkey solution that extends beyond signage.

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Does DMS Signs offer other construction and fabrication services?
Yes! We pride in providing turnkey solutions to our customers.

We do construction work related to sign making and installation such as metal fabrication for enclosures and concrete foundations.

In addition we also do other work that’s not always related to sign making in an effort to provide a one-stop turnkey solution to you. We also do on-site painting, electrical rewiring, and on occasion we build other structures such as soffit covers and roofs.