We work well with Education institutions and we recently had a chance to help Loyola University Baltimore Campus with a Traffic Wayfinding project. They had a major landmark name change and needed to update multiple signs at once. There are multiple ways to go about this as it’s often the case. After a visit we suggested it’d be better to resurface the signs instead of patching or fixing just the specific names/areas. Sometimes removing graphics and installing a new one is a viable solution but in this case it would be a better look and more cost efficient to replace the sign faces entirely. That’s what we did.

Can I keep my old sign and just replace the sign face?

This is a question of whether the sign still has enough structural integrity to withstand the normal tear and wear expected of it.
If your sign has swappable faces or inserts then the answer is a quick yes!
Many, if not most sign systems are designed so that the inserts or sign faces are easily replaced or resurfaced by a new one. Not all systems are created equal and we’ll have to do a site survey if we can’t determine the strength of the current sign by just looking at pictures. You can send John multiple pictures of different angles of your current sign and he’ll help you determine how to move forward.

These signs are made of glossy black aluminum boards with metallic gold premium vinyl and the Loyola school shield was printed on cast pressure sensitive vinyl for maximum durability. The install system also was designed to expedite the process and minimize downtime.