DMS Sign Connection has had the honor to manufacture and install signage for Amazon Delivery and Amazon Hub warehouses along the I-95 corridor. We have made and installed signs for the following locations so far:

  • Williamsport MD
  • Hanover PA
  • Ben Salem PA
  • Chicago IL
  • Glen Burnie MD
  • Lanham MD
  • Edgewood MD
  • Waldorf MD
  • Norfolk VA
  • Manassas VA

A typical sign package for each location includes one or two Illuminated Monument Signs, a few Architectural Post and Panel Wayfinding Signs, Illuminated Channel Letters with Day/Night faces and Flat Cut Out Acrylic Letters. Learn more about each sign type below.

Illuminated Monument Signs

The monument signs, that some people call architectural signs sometimes, are large format 10’ wide x 8’ high approximately and were built to display a halo lit around the letters, around each section and around the whole sign. This sign was made fully in house from routing, metal fabrication, painting, electrical wiring and assembly. We, of course, also installed them.

Architectural Post and Panel Wayfinding Signs

These signs are designed to route 18 wheeler truck drivers, van drivers, employees and the general public traffic to the appropriate areas of the building. There’s a routed acrylic logo with parts custom painted and parts are black reflective vinyl that, believe it not, look bright white at night when a light is directed at them. See sample above. Most are double faced and display the building address as well.

Illuminated Channel Letters with Day/Night Faces

Many of their channel letter sets tested the limits of our manufacturing abilities but we pulled it off. We made some channel letters that were 10 foot tall and the faces have a special feature called day/night vinyl in the industry. Day/Night vinyl is a special perforated vinyl to display one color during the day and another at night, usually white. In this case the letters are black during the day and white at night when lit. The largest sets had the added challenge of printing a strong enough mounting template. The regular paper templates would tear under their own weight. We made reinforced mounting templates for those applications.

Flat Cut Out Acrylic Letters

Some entrances specifically marked for Customers or Employees received a set of ½” flat cut out acrylic. In some cases there was a black reflective laminate but not always. Acrylic routed letters are a great alternative to metal because they’re not only less costly but they’re lighter which means you can install them with high performance double sided tape and room temperature adhesive. Of course you trade a little bit of durability for cost savings but that’s what’s needed sometimes.


The DMS install team is second to none and we work super early to get ahead of traffic and the heat during the summer, this way we make sure projects are done early in the day and it provides time to address issues if they arise. We work well with the local permitting offices, general contractors and landlords to make sure the installation process is done as smooth as possible.