If you work in a building that faces south, south-east or south-west you get the most sunlight possible and with it a lot of vitamin D  potential but this can also be a problem. The more sunlight you get the more your building will heat up specially when the sunlight comes through large clear windows.

We offer Perforated Privacy film options that can be printed with graphics for added advertising value.

The job you see in these pictures was printed with graphics that have cool and attractive graphics appropriate for the business and information on how to contact them online.

As you would have guessed the inside of this building has children’s beds and classrooms that need to be private. They also need to be cool. The 60/40 perforated dual view film accomplishes both functions.

There’s debate in the graphics industry as to whether this type of perforated film should be laminated. The debater originates from the film’s relatively short life-span: 1-3 years depending on the brand and quality. When laminated the film will last longer but you lose visibility and add cost to the job. Most often than not customers decide to leave it without lamination and just budget the cost for having to refresh the film and the advertising a few years down the road.

Perforated one-way film is often used in car wraps to cover the windows, but businesses also use this film for their sun-blocking capabilities and advertising potential. Day cares, mechanic shops, restaurants, server rooms, offices and any establishment that needs privacy and sun control is a great candidate for having this printed perforated film installed at their place of work.

How much does perforated one-way privacy film cost?

The price varies depending on the options selected. You may choose 1,2, or 3 year film, with or without graphics and with or without lamination. Fill out the form below to get a custom free price quote.