Comments from Joe, the owner

Signs look amazing!  . . .  Thank you for your wonderful work! Very very happy with the final product.

And we’re starting 2021 with a bang! We designed, manufactured and installed these red channel letters for Gentleman Jim’s a family owned and operated restaurant and bar located at 18917 Earhart Court Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879.
The restaurant owner has a very classic and unique brand (you can see it here) but unfortunately they don’t have the digital artwork required to make a new sign design.

Can DMS Sign Connection Design A Logo For My Company?

The short answer is yes, but read below to learn what we can do for you.

In a lot of cases we end up digitizing old logos or artwork that only exist in physical form. A clean digital vector file is preferred. There’s some graphic design time built in with paid work orders. We will be able to recreate simple logos and we may even design a new simple logo that includes one pictogram and some lines of text. In addition we can also digitize more complicated designs and we can even create a complete branding solution but extra charges may apply. Send us a request and we’ll gladly tell you if your logo idea can be designed for free and/or what extra design fees apply.

In situations like this we provide the customer with 2 or 3 design options. We almost always offer an option that’s faithful to their existing branding. However, in this case that brand, as attractive as it is, doesn’t lend itself for building sign purposes, specially within the area and format allowed. We proposed other options that would be more readable and distinguishable from the road while retaining the spirit of the original design.
We ended up designing and manufacturing a free form circular light box for the gloves and individual flush mounted red channel letters.
Since we build everything in house we don’t have strict stipulations for channel letter minimum stroke and overall sizes. There is a bottom limit but we like to push the limits. Our manufacturing guys really love a challenge.