The stake signs shown here are 8″ w x 5″ w x 0.080″ sturdy aluminum welded to a 1×1 square tubing to conceal the mounting and painted to match the school branding.

The graphics are High Performance pressure sensitive vinyl and are highly rated for outdoor use.

Every aspect of this sign can be customized to fit your needs and we can turn them around very quickly as well.

Now that many large institutions such as colleges, corporate headquarters, schools, government offices, big offices, etc are opening back up it is necessary to post these notices to remind visitors to follow the recommended guidelines. Other messages such as “Keep 6 feet distance” or “Watch your hands for 30 seconds” can be incorporated in the design as well.

These type of sign can easily be modified to post any notice on lawns such as “No dogs allowed”, “Please don’t walk on grass”, “Private Property” notice, “Pick up after your pet”, etc. They can also be used as wayfinding signs. We can even customize them for botanical use in gardens to display plant information.

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