Viviano Realty is an up and coming Real Estate company that offers outstanding realty listing and customer service. You can tell as much by looking at their sign. We had the pleasure of working on this Custom Routed Post & Panel Real Estate sign with Carla, Viviano Realty’s Founder and Owner. (Visit their site here) Carla wanted a one of a kind “For Sale” post and wood panel sign. The sign doesn’t actually say property “For Sale” or “For Lease”, regardless, this is a great example of a classy sign doing its job without overdoing it. Carla provided inspiration and we provided various options for shapes and color combinations. 

DMS Sign connection installer stands next to Viviano Realty Post and Panel Sign

DMS Sign Connection, Inc. installer Dean stands next to Viviano Realty Post and Panel Sign

You can see the result in this image. We created a never-seen-before custom routed shape. This is a double sided 4’x4’ MDO sign with full color digital print and it’s installed with a pair of  6×6 painted wood posts that are installed in the ground with concrete footing. It is originally installed on E Ridgeville Blvd right in the heart of Mt. Airy MD. 

We have many routing options including a 5’x12’ router that can get the job done whether it’s wood signs, acrylic signs or metal signs. 

As if the custom routed shape wasn’t enough, the color scheme gives this sign an extra appeal. The black posts offer a subtle contrast against the dark blue background and the gold accents seal the deal to make this a pleasant looking and eye-catching real estate sign.

We work great with Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agents. This type of sign is also well suited for Construction Site signs and any local business owner can use them to advertise their business or as a wayfinding sign to help their customer more easily reach their location.

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