Can DMS Signs handle fast complete rebranding of multiple locations?

YES! We have multiple full time install crews and we own multiple cranes and bucket trucks.

Check out our portfolio and picture gallery to see the projects we have complete in many of the following industries:

We’re currently undergoing a complete rebranding in multiple locations around the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

We work well with the banking industry as we provide all sorts of sign products but we also do metal fabrication that may not be related to signage. We offer awnings and metal dressing for ATM units, kiosks and other POS areas were custom metal fabrication is required.

We’re are able to work in projects such as a complete rebranding for a national bank company because we have multiple experience, resourceful and knowledgeable installation crews and we own multiple cranes and bucket trucks.

The first set of pictures above display custom awnings with graphics specifically designed for Bank Of America and Halo Lit Channel Letters installed to a signboard on the building facade.

The Chantilly, VA Branch location was updated with a new Halo Lit set of channel letters.

The Clarksville branch received brand new sets of channel letters with a shelf suspended look another set of channel letters mounted on the building and a brand new monument sign

The Leesburg VA East location is one of the locations were many signs were upgraded. This location received a large monument sign with dimensional illuminated letter, drive thru signs, and multiple architectural wayfinding post and panel signs to direct traffic and multiple custom parking signs that compliment the Bank of America overall scheme.

We even installed a temporary banner sign. This step is sometimes necessary because the removal and installation of new signs maybe not be possible on the same for a number of reasons. A practical solution is to display the brand with a temporary banner until the permanent sign is ready to install.

The Metro Center Branch downtown Washington DC has a very unique look with this monochrome look.

At this location we installed outdoor halo lit logo signs and an illuminated projecting sign that you can see from far down the sidewalk.